Our motto is to learn from the best, share our experience and knowledge with others and keep up with the times. Proven quality has lasted for 30 years.

BRKO d.o.o.

Firm “BRKO” d.o.o. was originally founded in 1989 as “BRKO” Car body repair shop, sole trade business Prnjavor, Donji Smrtići TIN 45032460001. Its main activity was maintenance and repair of motor vehicles -50.200.

At that time, the shop was operating in one workshop, employing two more qualified workers apart from the owner.

The scope and description of the work has changed over the time and the workshop has become a modern car-painting chamber with the possibility of performing all paint lacquer works with the auto color mixing machine and other necessary equipment.

Our company has achieved successful cooperation with the leading brands in the field of metal industry so far.

We have been working without interruption since the establishment, remaining reliable in the conditions of severe economic crises. One of our major business successes is the collaboration with the German firm “DSM Decauh” from Munich, 2003. With this move, our business, based on automotive lacquering and other paint lacquer works, has focused on the European Union.

For the reason of more extensive and more practical business, on April 29th, 2010, our firm was re-registered under the name “BRKO” Limited Liability Company for production, trade and services, Prnjavor-abbreviated “BRKO” d.o.o. with the current TIN number.

In this way, we expanded the scope of our business and successfully continued with it. From its former core business, the business expanded in the field of sheet metal, metal works, processing and welding of steel, aluminium, stainless steel and powder coating of all types of metal.

Today we operate in a modernly equipped work space of 1000m² with the modern powder coating equipment such as GEMA and WAGNER.

The powder coating service is carried out in all available RAL manufactures: TIGER, AKZO, NOBEL, AXALTA, IGP, PPG, JOTUN and others.

We have been working successfully for years with some European companies: DIGITAL ELECTRONIC, ANTON PAAR, IMACO SYSTEMTECHNIK, and as well as with some domestic companies in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


We have a wide range of colors (RAL colors) of the world’s leading manufacturers: IGP, TIGER, AXALTA, INTERPON, JOTUN and others on request. We have a wide selection of color types: smooth matt, smooth gloss, various levels of coarse structures, and double-color: silver-black, gold-black, red-black, etc.


We make all kinds of metal constructions, lower or higher degree of complexity, depending on client’s request.


We perform all types of machine works (milling, drilling, grinding, threading etc.)


We use SURTEK products for degreasing and corrosion protection.